Marginally mediocre.

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I don’t know if I can ever leave Los Angeles because the food is too good.


I’m trying to think of something I’ve admitted to that is more embarrassing than using idea as a subject and I’m not coming up with much.

Feels like I ate one of those sponge capsules that turn into a dinosaur if you add water but instead of a dinosaur it’s a hangover.

Test run kimbap for Melissa’s birthday party tomorrow night.

Test run kimbap for Melissa’s birthday party tomorrow night.

On the Rotten Tomatoes page for John Carpenter’s The Thing there’s a quote from Roger Ebert in 2004:

Because this material has been done before, and better, especially in the original The Thing and Alien, there’s no need to see this version.

This is terribly wrong on many levels but that’s not the point. There are 49 comments on this one snippet alone. Has its own comments page. In one it appears the author thinks they are directly commenting to Roger Ebert. Or at least they’ve written it that way. As follows:

Frisby 2007
OK, first of all, all the rotten critiques you’ve given, are for great movies like this one. And another thing, you can’t critique a great movie even if it smashed right in front of your face. Learn how to critique great movies.
Mar 7 - 02:16 PM

I LOVE this comment so much. From the presumptive opening sentence to the challenge issued in its closing. Also that meaty middle sentence “smashed right in front of your face.”It’s such a silly thing to write.