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I’ve been thinking about brains a lot lately (because meta is so hot right now) and been wondering why most people, including myself, can’t just fire the narrator that lives in their heads and tells them stupid stories like: there’s no point and you’re making a fool of yourself and I can’t handle this and it will always be this way. Plenty of intelligent people can hear the voice and single it out as an asshole that they didn’t invite to the party but at the same time feel obligated to cater to all of its demands. Then because we can’t kick the jerk out we have to pretend we like him or actually are him and then project all this crap onto other people and walk around saying ugh other humans and ew so glad I’m not like her.

I think it’s probably because our brains have evolved and are built to resist self-compassion. Maybe it’s because the word sounds like a spoiled wimpy latte fart. Maybe it’s because self-compassionate early humans got eaten by larger animals because they weren’t quivering balls of vigilant anxiety and quick deadly judgement. Maybe if we call it “taking a moment to view yourself and the situation together with a wider angle lens through a patient, more realistic eye” that might be better but that’s hard to fit into an ankle tattoo. I don’t know.

List of things that, if their was a superhero whose power was creating a black hole that sucks up blogs and their related projects into a void, totally erasing them from all human consciousness while simultaneously giving their creators hiccups every day for about a month, deserve it:

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