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There was this dog at work tonight named The Boss. He’s special care because he’s gotten into a couple of bad scuffles. I think he’s misunderstood. From what I can gather, he’s a bouncer when he’s around other dogs. Doesn’t like dogs playing too rough, has to get in between them. He’s this gorgeous auburn mastiff pitbull mix. Head as big as a mastiff’s, a little taller than a pit and twice as wide. He’s about 125 pounds of all muscle and sinew. He’s black around the snout and eyes. His eyes are ridiculously golden and, set against a black fur backdrop, they almost look creepily human sometimes. Like he’s trying to communicate something terribly important telepathically. When he runs around, he does a big arms thing where his head goes below his outreached paws. He looks like a ship bobbing up and down in a storm. Omg he will lick your face like he’s trying to erase it.

Another dog I ran around with tonight was a 200 lbs, all black bernese mountain dog. She would jump up to my shoulder to try to bring me down and when I finally let her, she turned into a 200 lbs lap dog and she laid on top of me, chewing on my arms. She’s my kind of girl.

In another news, sorry for this blog turning into an all text dogs blog. It’s almost like a text based video game about dogs. Wait! I’m not sorry anymore, that sounds great. 

"You are in a dark room."

<smell left>

"You smell pee, the pee of a lesser dog than you."

<pee on it>

"You pee on the lesser dog’s pee, thus erasing the previous dog’s scent and making you the king of the world. You win. Game over."

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