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My work email inbox typically has about 150 unread emails at any point. There are three departments at work and they each send out two shift notes a day. This, on top of all the other day-to-day emails (“such and such dog had diarrhea” or “let’s try to promote [some marketing thing] to owners”) gets overwhelming.

My favorite emails are shift notes written by someone in my own department. I wish all the emails were written by her. Here is an excerpt:

Rusty might be that thing where he gets jealous when other dogs are around when he’s getting attention from people (I forgot what it’s called…people aggressive? people protective?), OR he might have a problem with dogs with squishy faces. He does NOT like the pugs Roxy and Gus and did NOT like Lionel the frenchie (would growl and bare teeth whenever he got close to any of them) when we took them all out for an evening stroll. He also got ko’d from playgroups yesterday for snapping at Botox, also a frenchie, so maybe keep an eye on him around flat-faced dogs (if that’s the problem).

  1. barthel said: Rusty sounds straight-up FACIST
  2. hungryghoast said: livin the dream, bro
  3. someofmybestfriends said: i love how much u love your job
  4. nsomn said: A dog named Botox???
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